Author: Martin FitzGerald
Oracle database administrator, developer and user. Living in Switzerland.

2015-02-08 Update posted

SQLPlus panel clears previous error message. Temp files moved to sub-folders. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2015-01-29 Update posted

Improvements to Sessions and Speech panels. Videos updated. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2015-01-21 Update posted

Improved installer messages and panel messages. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2015-01-15 new release

Multipass refresh. Default L&F. Removed CTLFILE1. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2014-11-26 update posted

Change to the installation script and allowance for timezone. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2014-11-20 update posted

A small change to the installation script. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2014-11-14 update posted

Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2014-11-04 update posted

Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2014-09-27 update posted

This update fixes a bug in the batch extracts which occurred when the hostname contained hyphens “-“. For a different issue, a note has been added to CTLFILE2 to say that the SERVER column should contain the hostname not the IP address of the

2014-09-10 update posted

Feedback page renamed to Contact. Added Screenshots page. Uploaded file.