I was a developer for many years before taking on the DBA role. I made this dashboard as a development exercise at first, then it became a valuable tool in my daily work.

OEM Grid Control / Cloud Control is indispensable for DBAs and the dashboard does not compete in that space. But sometimes the DBA only wants to know “if everything is up” and to know quickly. This is when the dashboard can reduce the stress. The dashboard only looks at things so it is safe for anyone to use, such as operations staff.

There is no cost in hardware or licenses. The GNU license means that all the source including the tools for compilation and deployment is available to anyone who asks. The author is happy to help with any installation issues and welcomes your comments.

The name DBcafé is just a name, the idea came from someone who would run the dashboard first thing on arrival to see “if everything looks okay” before fetching their coffee a few seconds later.