Year: 2015

2015-11-04 Update posted

Fixed login error on databases with RESTRICT=Y in CTLFILE2. Updated documentation. See DIS_changes

2015-10-29 Update posted

Dashboard now uses APP_VERSION instead of JAR file date to decide if latest version. See DIS_changes

2015-10-23 Update posted

Column TNSNAME has been removed from CTLFILE2. If doing a first-time install there is nothing to change. Otherwise please remove the TNSNAME column from your existing CTLFILE2 after you have installed this new version of the dashboard. See DIS_changes

2015-10-06 Update posted

Panel_01_main: increased maximum instances in CTLFILE2 from 99 to 999 (thanks to Suresh for sending in this bug). Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2015-06-11 Update posted

Panel_05_sessions: changed system view for faster results. Panel_06_compare.ALL_parms: added max_string_size. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2015-03-19 Update posted

Panel_02_sqlplus and Panel_05_sessions output file names contain timestamp for uniqueness. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2015-03-05 Update posted

Small improvements to Panel_05_sessions and Panel_06_compare. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2015-02-08 Update posted

SQLPlus panel clears previous error message. Temp files moved to sub-folders. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2015-01-29 Update posted

Improvements to Sessions and Speech panels. Videos updated. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2015-01-21 Update posted

Improved installer messages and panel messages. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.