Year: 2014

2014-11-26 update posted

Change to the installation script and allowance for timezone. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2014-11-20 update posted

A small change to the installation script. Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2014-11-14 update posted

Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2014-11-04 update posted

Click Downloads and see DIS_changes.

2014-09-27 update posted

This update fixes a bug in the batch extracts which occurred when the hostname contained hyphens “-“. For a different issue, a note has been added to CTLFILE2 to say that the SERVER column should contain the hostname not the IP address of the

2014-09-10 update posted

Feedback page renamed to Contact. Added Screenshots page. Uploaded file.

Fixed error in CTLFILE2

The installer put wrong values in the CONNECT column in CTLFILE2 when the HOST parameter in the tnsnames.ora file used an IP address instead of a DNS name. Fixed in

Fixed error in DBinstall.cmd

The DBinstall.cmd no longer gives “ERROR: FILE …\ScreenSize.temp.cmd NOT FOUND” when DBconfigure_javapath.cmd contains spaces in the path to the JRE directory.

Simpler updating of CTLFILE6

A new command DBcontrol_CTLFILE6.update.cmd lets you update CTLFILE6 without requiring a password. The documents and installation video have been updated to reflect this change.

Licenses and Release pages added

For convenience the license agreements are now all on one page. A Release page shows the release history for the dashboard itself. Small changes to the documents and installation scripts are not given new release numbers.