Year: 2013

DBcafé 3.0 for Oracle 12c now available

The DBcafé dashboard has being updated for Oracle 12c. It shows you all your databases on one screen including CDBs and PDBs.  

DBcafé 2.1.0 new version uploaded

This release dated 2013-08-19 contains an improvement to the button behaviour in Panel_04 and corrected an error in Panel_03.UT_foreign_keys.sql

DBcafé site created

The contents of have been relocated to The site will be rebuilt for another project.

DBcafé 2.1.0 updated with improved installer

This release dated 2013-08-11 contains small improvements to the installer script

DBcafé 2.1.0 posted online

DBcafé 2.1.0 now available on Downloads page

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